A loyalty solution with data driven marketing.

knowITall offers pharmacies a scalable, tailored loyalty and customer management solution that allows you to capture all you need to know about your customers and enables you to customise all client interactions.

Pharmacies using knowITall have access to targeted, data driven marketing tools to help them better communicate with their customers.  By using the insights and recommendations provide by knowITall pharmacies can engage directly with their customers in a meaningful way, which has proven to increase basket size by an average of 35 percent and drive additional revenue.

knowITall customer loyalty marketing

more than just cards & points

Suitable for single pharmacies
through to multi-store groups.

Loyalty + Data & Insights + Relevant Marketing = Boosted Profits

Case Studies

Welcome Letters

+ 13.2% redemption rate
+ $7 voucher drove 4.2 X increase in basket size
+ Members spend 40% more than others+ Sales generated a return on campaign investment of 3.5 times

Points Updates

+ 11% redemption rate+ $42,000 sales generated from the redemption visits
+ Sales increas equates to return of 4.1 times
+ Postcard generated 4 times more redemptions than email and 25% more than letter

Birthday Offers

+ 23% redemption rate
+ $20,000 sales generated each month from redemption visits
+ Sales equate to a return on campaign costs of 3.1 times


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