About knowITall

knowITall is the next generation in retail business data mining & custom loyalty marketing programs.

knowITall Loyalty Systems Pty Ltd is managed by a group of IT & marketing professionals providing services to the retail industry, with expertise in community pharmacy.

Having identified a lack of reporting capabilities and functionality available within current loyalty systems, knowITall provides up to date and relevant information that was previously unavailable to the pharmacy owner in a simple intuitive manner.  It is a scalable, tailored loyalty and customer management solution that captures customer information and buyer behaviour and enables pharmacies to customise their client interactions and marketing activity accordingly.

Pharmacies using knowITall have access to targeted, data driven marketing tools to help them better communicate with their customers.  By using the insights and recommendations provide by knowITall pharmacies can engage directly with their customers in a meaningful way, which has proven to increase basket size by an average of 35 percent and drive additional revenue.

Our vision is to provide timely information that enables the pharmacy to reward your customers’ loyalty and implement effective marketing campaigns thereby remaining competitive in the marketplace well into the future.



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