KnowITall Links with GuildCare NG

Pharmacy loyalty and marketing company, KnowITall and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s professional services software provider GuildLink, have announced a collaboration. Under this collaboration, KnowITall will integrate with the new GuildCare NG platform.

This collaboration will provide pharmacists with the option to opt into the KnowITall loyalty program from within the GuildCare NG platform. As a result, KnowITall pharmacies will experience increased loyalty and engagement from their patients.

Customer retention and loyalty are key to operating a successful pharmacy business. The availability of KnowITall on the GuildCare NG platform will allow KnowITall pharmacies to conveniently enrol patients into the KnowITall loyalty program.

KnowITAll will be available on the GuildCare NG platform and therefore allows the pharmacist to gain a holistic view of their patient’s lifetime value including recording over the counter sales and professional services health record.

Additionally, KnowITall pharmacies loyalty information will be made seamlessly available through myPharmacyLink, GuildCare NG’s new patient app. myPharmacyLink has been developed to provide GuildCare partner pharmacies with an integrated app solution tailored to and branded for their pharmacy. Through myPharmacyLink, patients will be able to see their loyalty history including current discount vouchers and an electronic copy of their membership card.

“Becoming a program partner of GuildCare NG, KnowITall provides pharmacists with the missing link in determining the true customer lifetime value of patients whilst at the same time leaving no stone unturned when providing a total care solution for patient,” said Tim O’Grady, Chief Information Officer for KnowITall.

“GuildLink is focused on continuing to deliver and develop tools to ensure the business of pharmacy is made easier whilst still ensuring the quality of patient care. Over 2.9 million professional services cases were delivered by community pharmacy in 2016 and by working with organisations such as KnowITall, this provides another tool for pharmacies to drive customer loyalty and engagement which in turn assists with the generation of revenue,” said Ross Gallagher, CEO, GuildLink

KnowITall (Stand 1) and GuildCare NG (Stand 12-13) will be exhibiting at the APP Conference that is being conducted on the Gold Coast from 9-12 March. Pharmacies will be able to access KnowITall when they upgrade or subscribe to GuildCare NG.

Posted: Wednesday 8 March 2017