knowITall signifcantly reduce loyalty software fees

knowITall Loyalty Software fees have been significantly reduced to $179*

The significant drop in software fees means pharmacies can take advantage of a full service marketing offering for minimal additional investment.

Using the data and insights captured by the loyalty software by communicating and engaging with customers is proven to increase sales and boost profits.  knowITall now provides a full service option for pharmacies to do just that and the reduction in software costs means pharmacies can do so affordably and cost effectively.

There are many issues currently affecting pharmacy revenue. Understanding these has led to the restructure of services, giving you more scope to boost your profit. When you contact the helpful marketing team you will find out how we can help your pharmacy boost profit and customer engagement. 

As well as the Starter Package, knowITall offers the more comprehensive Advanced and Premium Packages along with a range of additional marketing services. By using insights from your loyalty data, knowITall marketing programs will help you retain and grow your customer base leading to increased profit.  

The full service marketing team provides clients with a range of targeted, data driven marketing tools to help you communicate with your customers more effectively. By using the insights and recommendations provided by knowITall, you can engage directly with your customers in a meaningful way, which has proven to increase the value of the basket size by an average of 35% and drive additional revenue. 

The Starter Package will provide you with 51 email communications per year to your customers.  Pharmacies will also have access to ad-hoc marketing services as required to further communicate with customers.

Contact the knowITall marketing team to find out more about how knowITall can help grow your business.

*Price for Loyalty Software component $179 (ex GST) per month.

Posted: Tuesday 26 April 2016